Bibliography of USAID Authors

May ’18 Update!

The May 2018 Update of the Bibliography of USAID Authors includes about 20 new titles (highlighted in blue), some of them hot off the presses and others written by officers who worked for ECA (the Marshall Plan) and other predecessor agencies.

The new books include Our Woman in Havana by Amb. Vicki Huddleston, spouse of retired USAID officer Robert (Bob) Huddleston and Learning to Salsa, written by Vicki (who we knew in Rio de Janeiro in the early 70s) and Carlos Pascual, a former USAID officer who also finished his illustrious career at the State Department.

Kathleen and Paul Vitale have completed their final video on ancient Maya Weaving, entitled Sheer Elegance. It can be accessed free of charge at

Another female author is Louise Winfield, a USAID spouse whose 1962 Advice for American Families Going Overseas, especially for USAID was cited by legendary USAID mission director, Sam Butterfield as “essential reading for our family”.

Other NEW titles include: Ray Malley’s Cold Waters, My Ship Adventures in the Arctic, Antartica and the North AtlanticLarry Heilman’s USAID in Bolivia: Partner or Patron, and a final publication of Eric Chetwynd and Bill Miner’s  Pioneering in International Urban Development

Some older titles, uncovered by accessing A Bibliography of Foreign Service Authors (1972) written by Richard and Katherine Boyce, a State Dept couple, include books by Marshall Plan officials such as Averell Harriman, Rep. Jonathan Bingham (Shirt-Sleeve Diplomacy: Point 4 in Action), and Edgar Johnson, American Imperialism in the Image of Peer Gynt: Memoir of a Professor and Bureaucrat. 

Please send any other new (or older) books by USAID authors to

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