Bibliography of USAID Authors

March ’17 Update!

The Bibliography of USAID Authors has been updated. New “additions” are identified in blue.

Are you interested in the very early days of USAID programs – some of our most successful?  This update includes William Warne’s 1956 book Mission for Peace: Point IV in Iran” and two books by economist David Cole who served in Korea and Indonesia: Korean Development: the Interplay of Politics and Economicsco-authored with Princeton Lyman; and Building a Modern Financial System – Indonesia. Cole has also alerted us to the 10 volume Harvard Institute of International Development/Korean Development Institute compendium, Modernization of Korea, that was funded by USAID and involved many writers who had worked for USAID (see Section X – USAID Program Histories).

A book co-authored by Warne’s son, Robert, about his work as a provincial advisor in Vietnam (War Without Guns) is also included. To learn more, both Warnes and Lyman have ADST oral histories available online.

Three new memoirs are also included (with titles highlighted in blue): The Dust of Kandahar by Amb. Jonathan Addleton who recently retired as USAID/India mission director and gave a wonderful USAID Author presentation at DACOR,  Lu Rudel’s 2nd volume  Agent for Change – International Development; and Michale Herder’s Far Away Places.

Please advise John Pielemeier ( of any other USAID Program Histories that we can add.

This bibliography has been prepared by members of the UAA with assistance from the USAID Knowledge Resource Center. It contains over 165 books written by current and former Agency employees and their family members with descriptions of the book content and the author’s relationship to USAID. To access the bibliography, click here.

The bibliography will be updated quarterly. To add titles, email John Pielemeier at, with a copy to

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