Bibliography of USAID Authors

November ’18 Update!

After the October, 2018 edition of the Bibliography of USAID Authors was announced in the prior UAA newsletter, John P received suggestions to add a rash of new (and old) books. Hence, this November, 2018 edition includes 7 books about Asia by David Sternberg, 3 books about the effect of culture on development by former LAC mission director Larry Harrison, 2 books by Theodore (Ted) Weihe (coops and chocolate), a new book of fiction set in Somalia by Mark Wentling, a new book on CORDS by Stephen Young. and a history of USAID development aid in Nepal from 1951-1991. Perhaps most interestingly, we have a new piece of fiction, Two Lies and a Diamond, set in Ireland and written by Hazel Kevlihan, the teenage daughter of FSO Laurel Fain.

To view the updated bibliography, click here.

Please send information on any other new (or older) books by USAID authors to

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