Strategic Plan 2013


OCTOBER 26, 2012

The Board of the USAID Alumni Association exercises responsibility for establishing the Association’s operational goals and approving planned activities in furtherance of those goals. In exercising this responsibility the Board relies upon the Association’s four operating committees. Each committee takes a lead role for implementing a UAA goal. As appropriate, the lead committee collaborates with other committees, Board members, individual USAID alumni, and others in planning and carrying out activities. The views of UAA members are a primary source of guidance in the formulation, periodic revision, and implementation of this plan.

The goals and projected implementing actions for 2013-2015 are summarized below.

Goal 1.       Expand, maintain, and enhance beneficial relationships with other organizations and facilitate opportunities for USAID alumni to inform audiences and communities about development and the role of the United States and USAID. Lead: Public Outreach Committee

In furtherance of this goal, in 2013-2015 UAA proposes to undertake the following actions:

–          UAA will adopt in 2013 a policy for establishing and maintaining relationships with other organizations that have missions or membership compatible with UAA.

–          UAA will implement this policy in 2013 by exploring to the point of decision prospects for mutually beneficial relationships with two or more organizations.

–          In 2013 UAA will seek to identify at least four new opportunities for USAID alumni to inform audiences about development and its importance to the US, including through consultations with USAID’s LPA Bureau and dialogue with universities and state development offices.

–          In 2013 UAA will rebuild the speakers’ roster with a view to expanding speaking opportunities in 2014 and 2015.

Goal 2.       Maintain and enhance a continuing relationship with USAID that will make alumni available to support the training, mentoring and coaching of USAID staff on a systematic basis. Lead: Strengthening USAID Committee

In furtherance of this goal, in 2013-2015 UAA proposes to undertake the following actions:

–          UAA will reaffirm in 2013 a program of activities and channels of communication with USAID and will establish a system for periodic joint review of existing arrangements with USAID.

–          UAA will establish in 2013 a mechanism to recruit and recommend to USAID potential mentors for the E&E Bureau pilot mentoring program.

–          UAA will explore with USAID in 2013 arrangements for systematic participation by alumni in USAID management training programs, with a view to making arrangements operational during 2013.

–          UAA will review with USAID in 2013 initial experience with the E&E Bureau pilot mentoring program and determine if the program should be considered for expansion to other USAID bureaus and missions.

–          Subject to a positive outcome of the review of experience with the E&E pilot mentoring program, UAA will expand the program to two or more additional USAID bureaus in 2014.

Goal 3.       Facilitate contributions by alumni and sharing of information with respect to USAID policies and developments and trends in development cooperation. Lead: Development Issues Committee

In furtherance of this goal, in 2013-2015 UAA proposes to undertake the following actions:

–          UAA will collaborate further with USAID in 2013 to facilitate the development of USAID’s urban strategy. Activities will focus on applying USAID experience to present challenges of urbanization and Increasing awareness in the development community of innovative USAID work in this field.  In particular:

  • A January 2013 panel discussion will provide for current USAID staff the perspectives of several USAID alumni who have experience in dealing with urbanization issues.
  • A series of workshops for the development community will underscore linkages between urbanization and broader development issues.

–          UAA will organize development-related materials on the website by subject matter in 2013 in order to make these materials more readily available.

–          UAA will support in 2013 four or more Development Dialogue events, jointly managed with DACOR, including programs relevant to development issues currently being jointly addressed by USAID and UAA.

–          UAA will explore with USAID the establishment, beginning in 2013, of continuing discussion groups on additional topics of high priority for USAID, including the possibility of groups within the UAA/DACOR framework.

–          In 2014 UAA will support six or more DACOR/UAA Development Dialogue events.

Goal 4.       Ascertain alumni interests on a continuing basis; expand UAA membership, including by adding new members who reside outside the Washington area; increase opportunities for social events and interaction among alumni. Lead: Membership Committee

In furtherance of this goal, in 2013-2015 UAA proposes to undertake the following actions:

–      In 2013 UAA will establish systems for periodic surveys of alumni program interests and priorities, as well as communications preferences.

–          UAA will encourage membership loyalty and expansion by increasing in 2013 the number and kinds of programs and social events for existing and potential UAA members, including programs and events outside the Washington area. Events under consideration include:

  •  happy hours for networking;
  • speakers;
  • panels and films on development issues;
  • an annual summer picnic;
  • discussions of post-USAID employment options;  and
  • discussions of issues of particular interest to FSN alumni residing the in the Metro Washington area.

–      UAA will expand the UAA membership base in 2013 by placing ads in the AFSA newsletter and the Foreign Service Journal to encourage USAID alumni to join UAA and using the UAA newsletter and website to encourage USAID alumni to submit names and contact info for other alumni who might be interested in joining UAA.

–      UAA will expand outreach in 2013 to FSNs in the Washington area and in foreign capitals where substantial numbers of FSN alumni reside.

–      UAA will use available communications channels to encourage alumni in our database to become contributing members and/or renew their membership. These efforts will make use of the UAA website and newsletter as well as targeted e-mails.

–      UAA will expand outreach in 2013 to non-Foreign Service USAID alumni, including Civil Service employees, personal services contractors, political appointees, individuals serving under interagency agreements, fellowship programs, etc.






Member contributions                              19,000 Salary of part-time intern                               6,000
Website                                                              1,800
Program activities:                                           5,000Goal 1  (public outreach)             800

Goal 2  (strengthen USAID)      1,200

Goal 3  (development issues)  1,000

Goal 4  (membership)               2,000


Annual Meeting                                               5,000
Contingencies                                                   1,000
Miscellaneous                                                      200
TOTAL                                                           19,000 TOTAL                                                               19,000