2017 UAA Board Election



This message will guide UAA members on the process leading to the election of five (5) UAA Board Members to serve for a two-year period, from November 2017 through October 2019.


A seven-member Board of Directors governs the affairs of the UAA. Each position on the Board is filled by election from among the UAA membership for two-year terms. Incumbents may serve for up to two consecutive terms.

UAA members who have made a membership contribution for 2017 are eligible to vote. Elections are conducted electronically beginning six weeks before the Annual General Meeting (AGM), which this year is scheduled forFriday, November 3, 2017. All voting will be on-line; there will be no paper ballots at the actual AGM. Results will be announced at the conclusion of the AGM.

Board Seat Openings at Time of 2017 AGM

·       One UAA Board member (Carol Peasley) will be completing her second consecutive term and thus be unable to compete for another term. Her term expires in November 2017.

·       One UAA Board member (Juan Buttari) has had to resign from the board for personal reasons.

·       Three UAA Board members (John Heard, George Hill, and Franklin Moore) have completed their first two-year term. All wish to compete for second terms beginning in November 2017.

·       The remaining two UAA Board members (Tish Butler and Barbara Seligman) will complete their current terms that end in 2018. Both will thus continue to serve on the Board.

Selection Process

This past June and July, the UAA Board’s Nominating Committee went out with messages to all registered alumni seeking expressions of interest in serving on the Board for the 2017-2019 term. Four highly qualified candidates expressed interest in serving on the board (Chris Crowley, Nancy Tumavick, John Harbeson, and Mark Peterson). The Nominating Committee and the current Board considered each of the candidates against the following criteria, including the objective to have a Board that broadly reflects the alumni community:

·       Demonstrated commitment to the UAA’s goals and objectives;

·       Ability to represent the interests of the UAA and its registered alumni in diverse external and internal settings;

·       Experience and skills in the fiduciary, social and development areas covered by UAA activities;

·       A strong record of teamwork;

·       Willingness and ability to attend Board and other meetings regularly;

·       And the need to promote diversity and fill gaps in Board membership with regard to gender, regional residence, age groups, periods of service, types of appointment and technical skills.


We are pleased to inform the UAA membership that the slate of candidates recommended for election (listed alphabetically) is composed of:

·       Chris Crowley (running for his first term on the Board);

·       John Heard (running for his second consecutive term on the Board);

·       George Hill (running for his second consecutive term on the Board);

·       Franklin Moore (running for his second consecutive term on the Board);

·       Nancy Tumavick (running for her first term on the Board)

·       The ballot also allows for write-in candidates.

We should note that the Board struggled to identify only two candidates from the four interested alumni. We are separately speaking with the other two candidates to identify ways in which they can more fully engage in UAA committee work. In addition, if any unexpected vacancies arise on the Board during the coming year, we will look to these two individuals as prime candidates for appointment.

Eligibility to vote

As a reminder, only those Alumni who have made a membership contribution in 2017 may vote. The membership contribution levels are:

$75 for alumni residing within 50 miles of Washington, DC;

$25 for alumni residing elsewhere in the United States;

$25 for FSNs and alumni residing abroad.

Please click here to read brief bio statements for each of the recommended candidates and to cast your electronic ballot.