Expressions of Interest in UAA Members Collaboration with USAID on the Program Cycle and PPL Priorities

Following up on the PPL briefing for the UAA on April 14, this notice is to solicit interest of UAA members in contributing on a voluntary basis their knowledge, expertise and perspectives to USAID’s Bureau of Policy, Program and Learning in four areas of mutual interest:

  • Building links between UAA members and Mission needs, i.e., serving as a “senior advisor” to a Mission on issues as they go through the Program Cycle or in a specialized discipline. Please indicate a Mission (or region) you would feel comfortable “teaming up with” or a discipline on which you would provide advisory services (e.g., health, education, democracy and governance, food security, etc.)
  • Mentoring of BS 02s (Program Officers).
  • Advisory services on policy statements and guidance. Please indicate particular discipline or area of interest.
  • Contributing to making evaluations more useful to Missions. Please indicate which discipline in which you have specialized expertise.  This may include reviewing evaluations in a particular discipline and drawing lessons learned which may be of general use in project or activity design.

UAA members volunteering their services would do so in accordance with the Gratuitous Services Agreement (GSA) template (attached).  A more precise description of the services to be rendered is to be done in conjunction with the relevant USAID unit.   In certain instances, a Non-Disclosure Agreement would be required for access to non-public and confidential information.

Please specify your interest in volunteering in one or more of the above categories by emailing UAA Development Issues Committee Co-Chairs Stephen Giddings ( and Stephen Haykin ( by May 14, 2021.

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