UAA Board Election 2021: Request for Self-Nominations

There are two vacant positions on the UAA Board to be filled by vote of the Membership prior to the 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM). The Board Nominations Committee is seeking to broaden the selection of candidates to fill these two vacancies by soliciting current members to consider self-nominating. The only firm nominating criterion is that you must be current with your 2021 contribution to UAA as of the deadline for submission of expression of interest as a candidate for the Board. Candidates can have worked under any USAID hiring authority eligible for membership in UAA.
Unlike past years, when all Board members had to live within the Greater Washington area (to facilitate in-person attendance at Board and ExCom meetings and sessions with USAID counterparts), that limitation will not apply for this election cycle. Candidates may be located anywhere, including outside CONUS, as long as they have access to high speed internet.
The Nominations Committee will take into consideration factors such as active participation in UAA Standing Committees, participation in the UAA Mentoring program, or other activities that demonstrate the candidate has contributed to the work of the UAA and is willing to invest time and energy into the activities of the UAA. Given the recently-signed MOU with USAID, we expect the scope of our activities will be expanding significantly. The Board of UAA is definitely a working Board and all members are expected to contribute significant time to their participation. Attendance at both monthly Board and Executive Committee meetings on a weekday morning is expected.
Consistent with the Statement of Intent on Diversity and Inclusion, the Nominations Committee encourages UAA members who identify as coming from a diverse or under-represented community to self-nominate for Board membership. The Statement of Intent can be found on the landing page of the UAA website.
If you wish to self-nominate, please send the following information to the Nominations Committee;
  • Name
  • Last position held with USAID, hiring authority and date of retirement or resignation
  • Examples of contributions to UAA or its goals
  • Brief statement to why you wish to join the Board
If you submitted an expression of interest to join the Board in the past, please resubmit it as part of this process.
Self-Nominations should be submitted to the members of the Nominations Committee by June 30, 2021 to allow adequate time for consideration.
Nominations Committee members (Terrence Brown, Chris Crowley, and Nancy Tumavick) may be reached through
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