Archive of UAA Development Conversations

The UAA offers a series of interactive conversations on a broad range of topics relevant to the interests of international development professionals. These are presented under the heading of UAA/DACOR and UAA Development Issues Committee Development Dialogues. Almost all sessions are available in audio form which can be accessed through the links provided below.

Brian Atwood

How Development Fits in a 3-D Future Development Strategy

On Wednesday, November 18, former USAID Administrator Brian Atwood spoke at a UAA.DACOR Development Dialogue hosted by Alex Shakow.  Brian’s topic was “How Development Fits in a Future 3-D Development Strategy”which gave him a great opportunity to spell out his views on how a Biden Administration could bring the US back into a leadership role on international development initiatives.  His extraordinary depth of experience and range of current interests and contacts was evident throughout the hour-long program. Particularly touching were his expressions of appreciation for the valuable AID service and advice he had received during his tenure as A/AID from many of the UAA members who asked questions during the Q&A period. View the video of the event here and read the text of his presentation here.

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 Jeremy Konyndyk on

“Responding to Pandemic and Humanitarian Crises”

On October 14, nearly 100 UAA and DACOR members from around the country were treated to a very thoughtful and challenging presentation by Jeremy Konyndyk on “Responding to Pandemic and Humanitarian Crises”, hosted by Alex Shakow.  Jeremy is a Senior Policy Fellow, Center for Global Development and the former Director of USAID’s Office of Foreign Disaster Assistance (OFDA). Based on his wide experience and current research he laid out the important steps that should be taken to change the model for addressing pandemics and for providing humanitarian assistance more broadly for maximum and lasting impact. View the videoof his presentation and responses to many audience questions.