Bibliography – USAID Program Histories

Isaacson, Joel M., Christa A. Sherry, Kerry Moran, and Kay M. Calavan. (2001). Half-a-Century of Development: The History of US Assistance to Nepal 1951-2001. Washington, DC: USAID.

ISBN: unknown


{An earlier version of this document – a history from 1951 to 1991 – by Sherry, Moran and Calavan is also available.


Muscat, Robert J. (1990). Thailand and the United States: Development, Security, and Foreign Aid (Studies of the East Asian Institute). Ithaca, NY: Cornell University Press.

ISBN: 978-0231071444

This important book comes at a time when the U.S. Congress is considering some of the first significant changes in aid legislation since 1973; it deserves to be read by all officials involved in revising that legislation. The author, formerly chief economist for the Agency for International Development, has written a balanced empirical case study of the impact of the U.S. aid program to Thailand. The program’s most important success, Muscat points out, was in helping the Thais to develop the institutions essential to economic development. These included at least 13 major educational institutions as well as 29 key bureaus and departments in the Thai government, plus a number of private organizations such as the Institute of Population Studies, the Industrial Finance Corporation and the Institute of Management Education. Beyond its success in documenting the effectiveness as well as the weaknesses of the U.S. aid program, the volume also provides a thorough study of the past 40 years of Thai-U.S. relations. Robert J. Muscat is a former chief economist at USAID.


A study of USAID Assistance to Brazil: 1961-1974. Checchi and Company, 1986.

{copy available via}.

This report provides a broad review of the operations of AID in Brazil from 1961 to 1974, including background on the development of the program prior to 1961. …The study focuses on the character and intent of AID operations, and on their results.


Merrick, Tom, Jerker Liljestrand and John Pielemeier., June 2000. USAID Support for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Programs in Brazil.  Poptech # 2000.175.

Available at

USAID was the pioneer donor in providing family planning assistance in Brazil from the late 1960s until the program officially closed in September 2000. Remarkably, USAID remained the largest donor in this sector throughout this period.


Summary Report: USAID Support for Family Planning and Reproductive Health Programs in Brazil. PRB November 2000.

Available at  20 page summary of the full report.


Harvard Institute for International Development and the Korea Development Institute.  The Modernization of Korea – 10 volumes.

Sponsored and funded by USAID, these studies involved many people who had worked for USAID. The series was subsequently expanded to include 8-10 more volumes covering Korean development up to recent times. The summary volume had as lead author Edward S. Mason who was the chair of the UAID Administrator’s Advisor Panel in the 1960s when David Bell was the USAID Administrator.