Board of Directors & Executive Committee

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Board of Directors

UAA Co-Chair, Liaison to Development Issues CommitteeNancy Tumavick
UAA Co-Chair; Liaison to AGM Committee Anne Aarnes
Board Member, Secretary, Liaison to Strengthening USAID CommitteeMargaret Neuse
Board Member; Treasurer, Liaison to History ProjectCarol Dabbs
Board Member; Liaison to AGM CommitteeChris Crowley
Board Member; Liaison to Public Outreach CommitteeJim Bever
Board Member, Liaison to Membership CommitteeTerry Brown

Committee Co-Chairs

Development IssuesSteve Giddings, Jim Fox
MembershipBette Cook, Tom Nicastro
Finance and Administration Committee; Website CuratorRob Sonenthal (Asst. to the Secretary)
Tish Butler(Website Curator)
USAID History ProjectAlex Shakow
Carol Peasley
Public OutreachBeth Hogan
David McCloud
Strengthening USAIDRose Rakas
Roberta Mahoney
Annual General Meeting CommitteeNancy Pielemeier
Joy Riggs-Perla

Administrative Staff

Assistant (Part-time)Ven Suresh
The current Board of Directors and Executive Committee Co-Chairs are serving in their positions during the October 2019 – October 2020 period.