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    Ven Suresh

    Office of Origin: A/AID
    Notice Category: Administrator
    Date of Announcement: March 12, 2018
    Distribution: USAID/General Notice

    Hiring Update

    On March 9, 2018, the Department of State confirmed that it will be making a transition from a hiring freeze to a new Strategic Hiring Initiative that aligns its workforce-planning with the Administration’s foreign-policy and budgetary priorities. In a letter to me, Deputy Secretary John Sullivan indicates that, effective immediately, USAID “should initiate its own hiring processes to accommodate the Agency’s staffing needs.”

    USAID will continue to manage our workforce strategically through the Hiring and Reassignment Review Board (HRRB), established in July 2017. The HRRB meets monthly, or more often if necessary, to review requests from Bureaus and Independent Offices to make internal transfers and promotions and external hires. The HRRB monitors attrition levels, identifies gaps in the competencies of our workforce, and prioritizes the essential positions to fill. This corporate view ensures we remain within our funding levels; support our Redesign efforts; and recruit, retain and deploy the talent we need to fulfill the Administration’s vision for 21st century diplomacy and development.

    The guidance that the Front Office previously sent to Agency leadership on how to submit requests to the HRRB remains valid. HCTM will contact Bureaus and Independent Offices that submitted external hiring requests for the Civil Service to the HRRB in December, January, and February regarding next steps. Additionally, the Agency will soon proceed with the hiring of some qualified candidates for the Foreign Service in high-priority categories.

    We will continue to collaborate and share our experience with the Department of State as it formalizes its new Strategic Hiring Initiative to empower Bureaus and leadership at all levels to align their human-capital needs with the Secretary’s priorities.

    Mark Green

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