Passing of F. Allen “Tex” Harris — US Foreign Service Officer and ADST

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    Ven Suresh

    Susan Johnson, the President of the Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training, has noted the tragic passing of State’s “Tex” Harris in this email of February 24, 2020:
    “I’m terribly sorry to be sharing this very sad and very unexpected news which just came to me. I have not been in touch with Jeanie yet. [Tex] was fine on Saturday, went to a play with friends, woke on Sunday with severe headache, had a fall, went to Fairfax ER, seemed to be recovering and then suddenly apparently had a heart attack and they were not able to resuscitate. This is all I know, via a close family friend of Tex’s…”

    Tex was indeed a force of nature. As Frank Almaguer conveyed in an email of the same day:

    Tex was a big man in every way and I already miss his joy of life, his quest to learn and his genuine interest in each and every person he encountered. I was so looking forward to this coming Wednesday’s discussion over pizza. It didn’t matter what the subject was, he was well versed in it. Those of us who attended Tex’s recent lecture on climate change discovered the depth of knowledge he brought to the subject, but also his facility for making a complex subject more compelling by his skillful teaching style. Never mind that he has been a genuine hero for those of us who care about human rights and who care about the Foreign Service and diplomacy in general. This is a huge loss and a life we must celebrate.

    Tex served a full career in the US State Department, followed by dynamic engagement with the Foreign Policy Association, AFSA, and most recently with ADST in videotaping interviews with US Foreign Service officers in action.

    His obituary will be available in the newspaper shortly.

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