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    Ven Suresh

    The page for USAID in Wikipedia (under the agency’s full name: United States Agency for International Development) is the third hit I get when I use Google to search for “USAID” (after the agency’s own web page and the agency’s Twitter account).

    Wikipedia’s “Page information” says that the page was created in 2002 and was viewed over 14,000 times in just the last 30 days, with 152 users who follow the page automatically, 20 of whom checked recent edits.

    An external “Pageviews Analysis” site shows a weekly cycle of readership around the current daily mean of 467, ranging regularly from a weekly low in the low 300s on Saturdays to weekly highs of almost 600 on Mondays and mid-week.

    Our colleague Bob Birkenes has read and commented on the page occasionally, and I have engaged with John Sanbrailo on the page’s “History” section. Otherwise, I don’t know the other readers or editors.

    I do keep track of edits. There have been very few other than mine in the last several years. Although I have modified or moved some of the other edits, no back-and-forth has arisen with any other contributor.

    My own editing started in January 2010, while I was in Islamabad during my second posting with USAID/Pakistan.

    Since early 2016, I have been inviting UAA to monitor the page, given the substantial readership the page has. The descriptions of USAID/Washington bureaus would surely benefit from attention by a contributor who has worked there more recently than I have. Probably some UAA members do check the page, but I haven’t had any contact with them on it.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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