Ten Little-Known USAID Alumni Association Facts

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    Ven Suresh

    1. Launched in 2009, UAA is a 501(c)3 non-profit managed by USAID alumni volunteers.
    2. UAA welcomes retired or separated colleagues from USAID or its predecessor agencies who have at least 18 months of direct hire equivalent service in any combination of the following categories: civil servants, Foreign Service Officers, Foreign Service Nationals, and third-country nationals, AD and Schedule C appointees, inter-agency service agreements (PASA, RSSA), fellowship programs (e.g., AAAS Fellows, Population Fellows), and personal services contracts. Widows, widowers, and former spouses or partners of USAID alumni eligible for UAA membership are eligible for Associate membership.
    3. Registration for the email list and the UAA Directory is available to all who meet the above criteria. The Directory, however, is not open to the public.
    4. Recommended contribution levels for UAA membership are:
    o $75 if you reside within a 50-mile radius of DC;
    o $25 if you reside in the United States but beyond the DC area, reside overseas, are a former FSN, or an Associate member.
    5. Members who donate at least $100 in a calendar year are designated “Friends of the UAA” and are recognized on UAA’s membership list. Members are also encouraged to donate to special activities like the USAID history project.
    6. To increase membership, UAA reaches out to retiring USAID employees at FSI retirement seminars and has its membership information included in USAID retirement packets.
    7. UAA is increasing its outreach and program efforts with DACOR and AFSA.
    8. UAA actively engages with USAID leadership. Recently, UAA was contacted by USAID to provide access to UAA members regarding opportunities for long- and short-term contracts and/or as volunteers in efforts to recruit new FS officers.
    9. UAA’s efforts to launch local groups outside DC and overseas are on hold due to Covid-19.
    10. Many UAA events, like our Annual Meeting and DACOR events, are recorded and available on our website: https://www.usaidalumni.org.

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