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    Ven Suresh


    -Toward the end of March, 2018, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) gave initial approval of draft changes to USAID’s organizational chart.

    -Recommended changes were led by Counselor Tom Staal and the Transformation Task Team (T3), and influenced by dozens of tenured USAID employees (see the full list of Project Leads, Managers, and Champions here).

    -The recommended changes are built to be sustainable, in the long-term interest of the Agency, and ultimately orient us toward our goal of ending the need for foreign assistance.


    USAID will align to End the Need for Foreign Assistance by becoming more field-focused and results-driven, improving our ability to respond to complex and changing development contexts, both in Washington and in the field.

    -Elevate Humanitarian Assistance: Elevate and consolidate humanitarian assistance to strengthen the coherence and impact of USAID’s humanitarian voice.

    -Strengthen Crisis Prevention and Response: Harmonize conflict prevention, stabilization, and response efforts to enhance our effectiveness in complex environments.

    -Integrate Food Security and Resilience: Elevate resilience and better coordinate short-term humanitarian interventions with longer-term food security and community-resilience investments.

    -Align Policy, Resources, and Programming: Integrate policy and resources, with unified program and operation budget functions, to have clearer and stronger voice in Washington and the field.

    -Embrace Innovation and Field Driven Solutions: Drive program decision-making and design towards the field, with greater technical support that integrates innovation across all programs.

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