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    Ven Suresh

    On June 11th, the UAA Board of Directors sent the following letter:

    “Dear Acting Administrator Barsa,

    We are writing on behalf of the Board of Directors of the USAID Alumni Association, an organization supported by over 1,100 alumni of USAID who together have more than 20,000 person-years of professional experience and dedicated service to our country in the field of international development.

    We take note of the controversy generated by recent White House political appointments to USAID, and of the serious concern, expressed by many USAID alumni, that those appointments signal a change in certain fundamental principles and policies that have guided the agency.

    With those concerns in mind, we were heartened by your press statements of June 2 and June 4, which reiterated USAID’s firm commitment to advancing International Religious Freedom and LGBTI rights. We strongly urge and expect USAID to continue honoring those commitments, as well as its longstanding commitment to women’s empowerment.


    UAA Board of Directors”

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