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Current Job and Volunteer Listings

*American University of Afghanistan — AUAF is seeking a qualified candidate for a full-time position as a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) based in Kabul.  Vacancy #:  AF-Int-44-2020 (The position is open until filled.)

Position Description. —The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is directly responsible for all matters pertaining to the management and operation of accounting, strategic financial planning and budgeting, any audit and tax interactions, financial policies, procedures, applicable regulatory compliance, internal controls, student financial aid, and financial information systems. The CFO reports to the Vice President of Operations and Administration and regularly advises the President, and the Board of Trustees Finance Committee accordingly.

The CFO has overall responsibility for the accounting and finance of the AUAF. S/he helps to promote a customer-oriented service attitude and serves as the executive officer directly responsible for providing leadership and general management of the entire accounting and financial functions.  

The CFO is responsible for continuously monitoring, evaluating and communicating the financial status of the AUAF so that the information may be acted upon promptly and effectively. The CFO is also responsible for related security of assets including cash and similar financial instruments, revenues, cash flow, receivables, facilities, equipment, bank relationships, contracts, agreements, intellectual property, etc.

See here the full description of the position, duties and responsibilities, qualifications and experience requirements, skills needed, and benefits/environment–as well as how to apply for the position. 

*USAID Job Opportunity:   Title —  SLG Senior Advisor ACC – (5311) 

Job Description 

Part Time — As part of USAID’s Office of Human Capital and Talent Management (HCTM)/Foreign Service Center (FSC), the incumbent works in tandem with the Director and Deputy Director of the Foreign Service Center; the SLG support team and the Assignment and Career Counselor team. The incumbent also plays an instrumental role in supporting Deputy Mission Directors (DMDs) by advising and assisting DMDs, HCTM and regional bureaus on issues related to human capital, talent management, and operational matters that require specific knowledge of DMD roles and responsibilities and knowledge of the Agency’s human resource and other policy priorities. The incumbent also collaborates directly with regional and technical bureau leadership, and if needed, the Agency Counselor, to identify, analyze, and implement issues and recommendations concerning SLG preparedness and support. SLG Senior Advisor is the initial HCTM/FSC contact for a cadre of Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) in managerial, leadership, technical and support backstops at the mid-career and senior levels.

Click here to see the essential functions and responsibilities, travel requirements, required education or experience, qualifications and requirements, the full details of the opportunity and the button at the bottom to apply. 

*AFSA Opportunity!  The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) invites retired USAID Foreign Service Officers to join the organization.  We make no secret of it: if you are not currently a member of AFSA, we want you to re-join. Retirees bring special strengths to AFSA, including a deep knowledge of our profession. At the same time, there are many benefits to AFSA membership in retirement – and the cost is up to one-half less than for active duty personnel.  You will stay connected through AFSA’s award-winning Foreign Service Journal, curated news “bites” in AFSA’s Daily Media Digest, your local FS association, and local or virtual events, such as Ambassador Bill Burns on the current state of diplomacy and AFSA President Eric Rubin’s reports on critical trends.  You will stay engaged and advocating through AFSA’s Speakers’ Bureau and supporting AFSA’s powerful voice on the Hill.  You will stay smart through AFSA’s Federal Benefits programming, which offers expert advice on retirement benefits issues, and “Next Stage” programming on transitioning from the FS to new careers and vocations.  Finally, members have access to AFSA’s One-Stop Shop for information germane to retirees, AFSA’s bimonthly Retirement Newsletter, and the expertise of AFSA’s Retirement Benefits Counselor, Dolores Brown. To join AFSA in retirement, please visit our website or email us at

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