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USAID — Assignment & Career Counselor – (5425 and 5429)

The objective of two Foreign Service Center contracts is to obtain senior level assignment and career counseling advisory services to USAID’s Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) for the on-going hiring of new FSOs as part of the Career Candidate Corp (C3) Initiative.  These Assignment and Career Counseling (ACC) positions will be located in the Office of Human Capital and Talent Management’s (HCTM) Foreign Service Center (FSC).  NOTE:  Only USAID SFS Retirees are invited to apply.

Essential Functions and Responsibilities
Assignment and Career Counselors (ACCs) are the initial HCTM/FSC contact for a cadre of nearly 1800 Foreign Service Officers (FSOs) in technical and support backstops at the junior, mid-career, and senior levels.

ACCs will be responsible for a cadre of C3s and FSOs from the following skill or backstop areas: agriculture; private enterprise; health; education; economics; environment; crisis, stabilization and governance; engineering; program/project development; financial management; procurement; executive management; and legal advisors. 

ACCs will provide assignment and career development counseling services to all FSOs throughout their career.  They will be the point of contact for information and guidance on annual performance evaluations (AEF), the process of obtaining tenure, the assignment and bidding process (formal and informal); the performance and evaluation counseling interaction with tenure and performance boards, coaching and mentoring of new FSOs hired under the C3 initiative; and, interacting with FSOs requiring exceptions and special attention.

ACCs will be required to:

  • Understand and support personnel policies found in ADS 400 Series and all other executive and administrative directions and regulations so that they can provide accurate information to their FSO clients;
  • Provide recommendations to the Policy and Programs Information Management Division (PPIM) on proposed policies that would affect FSOs;  Review and comment on changes in the ADS that would affect FSOs in the field and in USAID/W; 
  • Be aware of USAID policies and procedures governing the recruitment, staffing, training and support followed by HCTM/FSC, overseas Missions and USAID/W operating units;
  • and Support FSO clients in their career development, but always keeping in mind that ACCs also HCTM/FSC management and, therefore, must ultimately be aware and support the corporate needs of USAID.

If interested, see the full announcements at Capefox HR Department — click on this link  for Contract 5425 and this link for Contract 5429. 


UAA Volunteers for USAID Promotion Panels

From Sarah Wines of USAID/HCTM:

We would like to draw your attention to an exciting opportunity to participate in one of the most important annual events for USAID’s Senior Foreign Service leaders! USAID’s Office of Human Capital and Talent Management (HCTM) is soliciting USAID Senior Foreign Service retirees to serve on the 2021 Senior Foreign Service (SFS) Consolidated (C) Performance Board. Due to the global Coronavirus-19 pandemic, all Promotion Boards will convene virtually this year. The Boards will convene o/a June 1 for approximately five weeks, through o/a July 2, 2021. The exact dates are being finalized. Individuals interested in serving on the C Performance Board must be available for the duration of the designated dates. Members will be paid the daily honorarium rate which is established by the Department of State.

If you are interested, please send me a copy of your Curriculum Vitae to  Applications are due by COB March 5, 2021.


*AFSA Opportunity!  The American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) invites retired USAID Foreign Service Officers to join the organization.  We make no secret of it: if you are not currently a member of AFSA, we want you to re-join. Retirees bring special strengths to AFSA, including a deep knowledge of our profession. At the same time, there are many benefits to AFSA membership in retirement – and the cost is up to one-half less than for active duty personnel.  You will stay connected through AFSA’s award-winning Foreign Service Journal, curated news “bites” in AFSA’s Daily Media Digest, your local FS association, and local or virtual events, such as Ambassador Bill Burns on the current state of diplomacy and AFSA President Eric Rubin’s reports on critical trends.  You will stay engaged and advocating through AFSA’s Speakers’ Bureau and supporting AFSA’s powerful voice on the Hill.  You will stay smart through AFSA’s Federal Benefits programming, which offers expert advice on retirement benefits issues, and “Next Stage” programming on transitioning from the FS to new careers and vocations.  Finally, members have access to AFSA’s One-Stop Shop for information germane to retirees, AFSA’s bimonthly Retirement Newsletter, and the expertise of AFSA’s Retirement Benefits Counselor, Dolores Brown. To join AFSA in retirement, please visit our website or email us at

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