Speakers Roster

UAA’s Public Outreach Committee is building an Alumni Speakers Roster with special attention to outreach beyond the beltway. We now have a roster of some 65 names of fellow alumni who have volunteered for this effort, and several have already responded to requests to speak.

If you are interested in being part of our Speaker’s Roster, please complete and send the information below.

It is understood that you will speak for yourself, not as a representative of USAID or of the UAA. Also, compensation including travel will be worked out between you and the requesting organization.

Let us know if we can facilitate contacts you may wish to make with universities, public libraries, media, or other venues for discussions, panels, or speaking engagements. This is an excellent time to remind the public and policy makers about important roles the US has played in promoting economic development and the value of continued US commitment and leadership. We hope you agree.

With all good wishes,

Beth Hogan (bethhogan123@gmail.com)
Speakers Bureau Coordinator

UAA Public Outreach Committee