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Get Involved!

UAA is your organization. Your getting involved in Association activities will make us stronger, more interesting and – definitely – more fun. Below are just some of the ways you can participate:

  • UAA Speakers Roster

This is an excellent time to remind the public and policy makers about important roles the US has played in promoting economic development and the value of continued US commitment and leadership. UAA’s Public Outreach Committee is building an Alumni Speakers Roster with special attention to outreach beyond the beltway – now with some 65 fellow alumni who would like to be part of this effort. We already have had a number of specific requests for speakers and the expectation that demand will grow. If you haven’t already, sign up here, providing your name, contact info and topics on which you would like to speak, or write to speakers@usaidalumni.org.

It is understood that if/when you are presenting or interviewing you will speak for yourself, not as a representative of USAID or the UAA. Also, compensation including travel will be worked out between you and the requesting organization. Let us know if UAA can help facilitate contacts you may wish to make with universities, public libraries, media, or other venues for discussions, panels, or speaking engagements.

  • UAA Committees

UAA has five operation committees. These include: Public Outreach, Membership Services, Communications and Events, Strengthening USAID, and Development Issues. You can find descriptions of the committees here. Your ideas, involvement and energy would be very welcomed in any one of these.

  • Alumni Groupings

In several regions around the country (and, perhaps, eventually abroad), people have organized local USAID alumni groups. Find out about these and get contact information about them here.

  • Jobs and Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni looking for work? On request, UAA vets and posts a few USAID-related jobs, see: Job Opportunities

If you or others wish to post a job opportunity, please email us at office@usaidalumni.org, Attn: Jobs.

Looking for foreign affairs-related volunteer opportunities? See Volunteer Opportunities [under construction…re-visit soon].

If you wish to post a notice seeking alumni volunteer help, please email us at office@usaidalumni.org, Attn: Volunteers.

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